Specialty Filtration


Nanofibers have been used for decades in air filtration. With only a thin layer of nanofibers, the filtration efficiency can be increased dramatically, thanks to the small pore size of the nanofiber nonwoven. However, new applications in filtration, especially specialty liquid filtration, can now be realized. Functional additives can be incorporated allowing filters to do more than just simply capture particles.

Breathable Membranes


The small pores of the nanofiber nonwoven mats will not allow large particles through, but air can still pass through. This characteristic is especially beneficial for garment applications, as it allows sweat to escape, but does not allow water to enter.

Sensors & Diagnostics


A small strip of nanofibers containing a phase change material or color change can be used in sensors or diagnostic devices.  The high surface area of nanofibers allows for rapid sensing.  The surface of the nanofibers can also be functionalized to allow for additional properties of the nanofiber mats.