mission statement

Mission Statement for SNS Nano Fiber Technology


First and foremost, SNS Nano Fiber Technology strives to be a company that improves the quality of life for generations to come, both through our innovative products and our commitment to a sustainable environment.  As the newest addition to the Schill & Seilacher group of companies, we want to carry on the tradition of innovation through highly active research and development.
Using proprietary technology, we will become a world leader in nanofiber technology.  The development of specialized nanofiber matrices will be the focus of our research department.  We will build a company based on our strong foundation of scientific research.  The products we manufacture are state of the art, not just in form, but in function as well.

We will be committed to complying with all requirements and continually improving the effectiveness of our quality management system.  In our business collaborations, we will aspire to exceed our customers’ expectations and deliver the highest quality material possible.