Nanofiber cosmetic actives delivery system


Actives delivery system

SNS Nano Fiber has developed a new technology platform for the delivery of active ingredients to the skin. Water soluble nanofibers containing actives can be used for a variety of cosmetic applications. For years the only way to deliver active ingredients to the skin has been to put the actives into a formulation and mix with a lotion or gel. Using water soluble nanofibers, a new actives delivery system is now available. Functional actives can be added to the polymer solution and electrospun resulting in a nanofiber mat with active ingredients dispersed throughout. When placed on wet skin, the nanofibers dissolve rapidly, releasing the actives to the skin at a known dosage and without the need for a cream or lotion.
Click here to view our video showing the rapid dissolution of the fibers on wet skin.

Skin Decontamination


We have patented the use of our nanofibers in decontaminating the skin. Test results conducted by a world leading dermatologist confirmed that when it comes to removing contaminant material from the skin, size matters. Nanofibers were able to remove both microparticles and nanoparticles, not just from the skin surface but also from the furrows, wrinkles and hair follicles.

Oil Absorption


Using a special polyurethane that preferentially absorbs oil over aqueous liquids, nanofibers can be produced that will absorb oil from the skin without robbing your skin of moisture.